TPS Thermal Conductivity Meter ISO 22007-2

This thermal conductivity tester employs transit plane source (TPS)method to determine the thermal conductivity performance of materials.
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Product Details

Model: TPS-300

Standards: ISO 22007-2 2008


This thermal conductivity tester employs transit plane source (TPS)method to determine the thermal conductivity performance of materials. The TPS is the most advanced method to study the thermal conductivity characteristics of materials.


Applicable materials

Metal, ceramics, alloys, minerals, polymers, composite materials, paper, fabrics, foamed plastics (insulation materials with flat surfaces, plates), mineral wool, cement walls, glass reinforced composite panels CRC, cement polystyrene panels, sandwiches Concrete, fiberglass composite panels, paper honeycomb panels, colloids, liquids, powders, granular and paste solids, etc., are tested on a wide range of objects.



1. Wide test range stable test performance

2. Direct measurement, the test time can be set within 5-160s, which can quickly and accurately measure the thermal conductivity, saving lots of time;

3. Will not be affected by contact thermal resistance like static method;

4. No special sample preparation is required, and there are no special requirements for the shape of the sample. The bulk solid only needs a relatively smooth sample surface and the length and width are at least twice the diameter of the probe;

5. Non-destructive testing of samples, the samples can be reused;

6. The probe is designed with a double helix structure, combined with the exclusive mathematical model, and the core algorithm is used to analyze and calculate the data collected on the probe;

7. The structure design of the sample table is ingenious, easy to operate, suitable for placing samples of different thicknesses, and at the same time simple and beautiful;

8. Uses imported chip on data acquisition probe. The high resolution of the chip can make the test results more accurate and reliable;

9. ARM microprocessor used for control system, faster than traditional microprocessors, improves the analysis and processing capabilities of the system, also makes the calculation results more accurate;

10. The instrument can be used for the determination of thermophysical parameters such as block solids, paste solids, granular solids, colloids, liquids, powders, coatings, films, and thermal insulation materials;



Test range: 0.005-300 W/(m*K)

Measuring sample temperature range: room temperature130

Probe diameter: No. 1 probe 7.5mm; No. 2 probe 15mm

Accuracy: ±3%

Repeatability error: 3%

Measuring time: 5~160 seconds

Power supply: AC 220V

Machine power:500w

Sample temperature rise:15

Test sample power P: No. 1 probe power 0<P<1w; No. 2 probe power 0<P<14w

Sample specification: single sample measured by probe No. 1 (15*15*3.75mm)

                 Single sample measured by the second probe (30*30*7.5mm)

Note: The probe No. 1 measures low-conductivity materials with a thinner thickness. If the surface of the sample is smooth and sticky, the samples can be stacked.

TPS Method Thermo conductivity tester

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