Infrared Oil Content Analyzer

Infrared Oil Content Analyzer

This instrument is capable to test the oil content in water, gas, solids by adopting the principle of Lambert Beer Law.
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Product Details

Model: Oil50g

Standard: GB/T16488-1996



Large-screen LCD Chinese display, man-machine interactive operation

Single-chip microcomputer control, with communication, online and help functions

With functions of measuring, setting, recording, saving, printing and data statistical processing

Can quantitatively detect the oil content in water, soil, smoke, and surface of objects




Detection limit; 0.2mg/L

Measuring range: 0.0-80.0mg/L

Measurement precision: RSD%1.5% (at 10mg/L)

Wave number range: 3400Cm-12400 Cm-1

Absorbance range: 0.00002.0000Abs

Wave number accuracy: ±2 Cm-1

Wave number repeatability: ±2 Cm-1

Baseline drift is not greater than: ±0.005Abs/30min

Ambient temperature: 540

Linear correlation coefficient: R0.999

Power supply: (220±22) VAC, (50±1) Hz

Standard configurations

1 host

4 5cm quartz cuvettes

1 set of pre-sample treatment equipment

1 built-in micro printer

1 set of microcomputer interface and data processing software

1set computer

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