HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester ISO 75

HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester ISO 75

The (HDT/VICAT) Heat deflection test is mainly used for the measurement of hot deflection temperature and VICAT softening point.
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Product Details

Model: HDT-300WA/300WB


GB/T 1633,GB/T 1634,GB/T 8802,ISO 2507,ISO 75,ISO 306,ASTMD 1525,ASTMD 648



Sample holder

The sample holder is made by uni-body process, load rod, pressure head, needle are made of Iron nickel alloy, no any heat expansion under 300 thus guarantees high accurate test data;


Heat medium box

The heat medium box is made of SUS 304, features corrosion & aging resistant, filled with 20mm thick high temperature resistant asbestos for heat insulation, it can greatly reduce the heat loss during heating;

The cooling tube made of 10mm copper tube, features good thermal conductivity, works together with water cooling can reach fast cooling effect;


Electronic control system

Delta PLC with modularized independent electric control system, features stable performance, high accuracy, much lower failure rate


Software control system

The software features functions of test curve drawing, data management, test report print, data analysis;


Safety protection

Mechanical limit upper limit protection switch and software upper limit protection, automatic stop after test, admin password


High accuracy measure & control system

High performance temperature and displacement sensor, PID algorithm,



1. Temperature control range: room temperature -300

2. Heating rate: 50/h error ±0.5/6min

                     120/h error ±1.0/6min

3. Temperature resolution: 0.1

4. Deformation measurement method: displacement sensor

5. Deformation measurement range: 0-1mm (standard configuration)

                              0-3mm (non-standard configuration)

6. Input and output: computer

7. Deformation resolution: 0.001mm

8. Number of sample racks: three

9. Specimen span: 52-110mm (continuously adjustable)

10. Heating medium: methyl silicone oil

11. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz

12. Cooling method: circulating water cooling

13. Packaging dimension:

case 1 1200mm*600mm*700mm;

case 2 500mm*600mm*800mm

14. Gross weight: 180kg

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