Contact Angle Measurement System

Contact Angle Measurement System

This system is used to measure the contact angle between liquid and solids, it’s the indispensable equipment for surface properties testing.
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Product Details

Model: CAM-100


The contact angle tester is constructed of light source, injection unit, sample platform, acquisition system, software, implement

Master unit made of high strength aviation degree aluminum alloy, guarantee high stability; utilize optical imaging theory.

3D manual fine tunning sample platform, flexible operation, accurate positioning, sample platform can be customized;

High precision injection pump liquid feeding, fully controlled by software, stable dripping;

Industry degree adjustable LED cold light  source system, tooling life up to 25000h, more clear imaging, prevent evaporation of droplets

High performance Japan made industry control chip, industry degree telecentric zoom lens, ensure better imaging performance.

USB 2.0 standard port, high transmission speed, good compatibility,

Germany made calibration sample provided to ensure high accuracy, angle calibration standard piece 3°, 5°, 8°; 60°,90°,120°;115°(optional

Flexible design of acquisition system, suitable for most of the measurement condition, can easily handle multi kinds of measurement;

Software enable full automatic imaging fittings of kinds of droplets, avoid human error

Fast fittings of double-sided contact angle measurement, can analyze the surface wettability and the real wetting status of surface;

Dynamic photographing, video quickly test the data, can continuously record the change of contact angle;

Test report auto-generation, the report can be in word, excel, chart format;

Multi-kinds of optional parts, customized measurement requirements can be met


Technical specifications

Machine overall size: L550 mm * W360 mm * H450 mm

Net weight: 18 kg

The worktable size: 120 mm * 120 mm

The workbench movement: 50 mm *50 mm *30 mm

The largest sample size: 10 inch

Sample feeder movement: 100 mm*100mm

Industrial camera movement: 180 mm back and forth (fine tunning by 3 mm )

Industrial lens: 0.7 X to 4.5 X HD telecentric continuous zoom microscope

CCD: SONY  high speed industrial chips;25 frames/S

Lens Angle adjustable: look up, look down, head up

Light source: LED adjustable blue tone industrial-grade cold light source; The service life of up to  50000hours

Power supply: AC220V,60 hz

contact angle measurement meter

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