Soundness And Durability Test Basket

Soundness And Durability Test Basket

This basket is used to test the sturdiness (also called as the soundness) and durability of aggregate.
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Soundness and Durability test basket, Aggregate test equipment

This basket is used to test the soundness (also called as the sturdiness) and durability of aggregate.

 Technical specifications

Diameter(mm)Mesh size
Material madeStainless steel

Apparatus for the coarse aggregate soundness test

1. Drying oven 

2. Electric scale 5000g/1g or better 

3. Standard sieve mesh range 2.36-75mm

4. 50L or larger capacity tray

5. Basket O.D 100mm, height 150mm, mesh <=2.36mm, made of copper wire or stainless steel wire, when testing the particle size 37.5-75mm, should use basket size 250*250mm(O.D*H) 6. anhydrous sodium sulfate and Sodium sulfafe decahydrate(industrial using).

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