Micro-Deval Abrasion Testing Machine

Micro-Deval Abrasion Testing Machine

The Micro-Deval abrasion machine is a common aggregate test equipment used to test the abrasion resistance of stones, aggregate.
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Product Details

Model: DF-2

The Micro-Deval abrasion testing machine is used to test the abrasion resistance of stones, aggregate, thus to evaluate the quality of aggregates. This machine is composed of drum, sealing cover, bracket, gearbox, motor, controller, it's kind of common aggregate test equipment. 

Technical Specifications

1. Cylinder Inner Diameter: 200mm±1mm, 400mm±2mm

2. Cylinder Effective Length: 154mm±1mm

3. Cylinder thickness: ≥3mm

4. Counter: 5bits;

5. Steel Ball: 12nos

6. Power supply: AC220V, 50hz, 1ph

7. Steel ball: diameter 10 ± 0.5 mm, net weight 34g

8. Motor: 1kw, rotation speed  100 r/min ±5 rpm


It comprises 1~4 hollow cylinders sealed at one end, for pellets having a particle size between 4 and 14 mm, the inner diameter of the cylinder is 200 ±1 mm, and the effective length is 154 ± 1 mm; for pellets with a particle size between 25 and 50 mm, the inner diameter of the cylinder is 400 ± 2 mm. The cylinder is made of stainless steel (Z2CN18-10) with thickness not less than 3 mm. They are mounted on two horizontal axes and each cylinder can be used for one test. There should be no bulge in the interior of cylinder caused by welding or fixing. Seal the cylinder with a 8mm-thick flat cover. The sealing is ensured by seam on the flat cover. 

The abrasive is consisted of stainless steel round balls with diameter of 10 ± 0.5 mm. Let the ball pass through two parallel bars with a pitch of 9.5 mm, the weight cannot be less than 34 grams). The electric motor (approximately 1 KW) should ensure that the cylinder can rotate at a constant speed of 100 r/min ±5 rpm and the brake can automatically stop the motor  after one test.

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